CAPPAuto is a business process, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution designed to meet the distinct needs of auto jobbers and automotive distribution companies operating across North America.

Efficient to deploy and easy to use, the system will: Automate your processes, Increase your productivity, Streamline your operations, Facilitate your business intelligence and Improve your customer service.

Automate, Integrate and Collaborate

From front-end sales information to back-end financial reporting features, CAPPAuto does it all. The real-time, any-time Open to Purchase, Transfer and Return Logs and email / fax interface create seamless and secure information exchange. Collaboration across your departments, locations, customers, warehouses and suppliers keeps you top of mind and easy to do business with -- a great advantage in your cut-throat competitive market.

You can also choose from a selection of optional, add-on modules such-as E-Commerce, Delivery Dispatch, and EDI. Click here to learn more about CAPPAuto’s features .

CAPPAuto Software Diagram

Click on the diagram below for further details on CAPPAuto’s features and functionality.


Be sure to ask about CAPPnet – our sophisticated e-commerce module. With this simple internet-based customer information and buying tool, your customers will benefit from real-time transactions. LEARN MORE

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