Data Centre Optimization by CAPP Associates

CAPP Associates understands your data centre challenges – from resource constraints, to greater business demands and increasing IT complexity. The answer may be a Data Centre Optimization strategy.

Based on your needs, we’ll help you evaluate, assess, optimize, and monitor your Data Centre infrastructure. You can expect to improve your IT efficiency, maximize uptime, lower your power consumption and carbon footprint, increase your ability to respond to business requirements -- all while smartly managing your costs.

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We provide the following turn-key data centre solutions:

  • IT Infrastructure assessment, planning and design
  • Hardware consolidation & virtualization
  • Data protection, storage, backup and recovery
  • Security and Risk Assessment
  • Management alternatives for interconnected and cross-platform environments
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Optimized space, power and cooling solutions
  • Installation, migration and integration
  • On-site hardware and application support
  • Managing the complete IT lifecycle

"We needed a solutions provider that would keep CDS Global up to speed with technology-related developments. Over the last three years -- as our application development, server consolidation, data backup and disaster recovery projects became larger and more complex -- Stefan Corneliu and the team at CAPP Associates demonstrated their advanced skills and dedication to designing and executing our data centre projects. Their ability to adapt best practices to the realities of our business, their recommendations, responsiveness and their skill at addressing our ad-hoc requests, are all reasons why CAPP Associates is and will continue to be our trusted solutions provider."

Marc Tomei, VP Computer Operations -- Canada
CDS Global - Canada, a Hearst Company

Data Centre Green IT Solutions

As concern for climate change and sustainability continues to grow, businesses are accepting responsibility for their stake in the environment.  By implementing a Green IT plan companies are reducing their carbon footprints and climate impact, while at the same time balancing their need for more profitability.  Data Centre optimization grapples with both sizes of this strategic equation.  Reducing your IT power consumption is good for the environment, while reducing your IT costs is good for your bottom line.

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Data Centre Optimization Solutions

Server Consolidation

Consolidation brings existing servers into one location and combines applications and storage into a smaller number of more capable devices. You benefit from a number of cost savings that result from reduced physical space, reduced power consumption and a reduced number of applications and devices to support. Consolidation is your cost management solution toward containing your data centre sprawl. DOWNLOAD A SERVER CONSOLIDATION WHITEPAPER

Server Virtualization

Server virtualization is another strategy to reduce costs and improve your server environment. Virtualization blends economies of scale with the efficiencies gained from shared systems. Separating workloads from hardware dependencies allows rapid deployment and fast workload assigning which saves time and resources. Based on your needs, we will assess your current environment, map out the transition to a virtual environment and track virtual server accountabilities.

iSeries Hardware and Software Services

CAPP Associates has a long history of providing comprehensive IBM iSeries-related services to customers all across North America.  We would be happy to assess, design, plan, manage, and execute projects including:

  • Operating System Version/Release Upgrades
  • System to System Transitions and Migrations
  • Data Disaster Recovery and System Reloads
  • Client Access and PC Connectivity
  • Logical Partitioning
  • Backup and High Availability
  • WAN and LAN Troubleshooting
  • Installation and Re-location of iSeries Systems
  • Installation of New and Used Hardware
  • CL Programming
  • Custom RPG and Java Programming

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Environmental Monitoring: Power, Temperature and Humidity

Access to comprehensive and integrated real-time information about the environmental conditions affecting a data centre is crucial to the optimal sizing of power, cooling, and emissions parameters. Having on-line access to historical and trend information, as well as live, multi-level thermal imaging to pin-point areas of over-heating and over-cooling, enables IT managers to devise the best strategies for datacenter growth and administration.

CAPP Associates is pleased to introduce the EDX DC-3 Environmental Monitoring Solution, which has been specifically designed to monitor and report on power, temperature and humidity conditions within a data centre, in real-time.  LEARN MORE

Data Centre Security

CAPP Associates is proudly representing Informatica Security, Canada's premier provider of security and privacy-related solutions. Partnering with Informatica Security, CAPP offers end-to-end datacenter risk assessments (IT security, physical security, administrative security), data centre audits (CICA SysTrust, Trust Services, Section 5970/SAS 70), security policy design and implementation, and green IT solutions (sustainability services starting with proper configuration, security and availability). Informatica Security is the first services firm to scale all information security and privacy services to meet the needs of small and medium-size enterprises. It is also fully qualified to give organizations the ability to manage their own security, making effective information risk management achievable.

Data Storage

Building storage solutions that safeguard your data and ensure constant availability is a critical component to your Data Centre strategy. Your data protection, backup, restoration and disaster recovery now takes on a higher profile. By optimizing your data storage you can expect improved utilization rates, increased security, simplified management and the ability to allocate resources for future growth. DOWNLOAD A DATA STORAGE WHITEPAPER

Strategic Partners

Backed by the best-in-technology partners, CAPP Associates works collaboratively with industry-leading companies such as IBM, Cisco and VMWare.  These alliances combined with our years of experience and comprehensive certification portfolio enable us to recommend and deliver superior solutions to each of our clients. TOP