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CAPP Associates ensures the success of your technology investment. We provide unmatched service to our customers and partners through commitment to customer satisfaction, and dedication to quality support. Choose from standard support options or tailored support based on your requirements. CONTACT US

Our CAPPAuto, D3 and CAPPnet application support centre is permanently staffed by a team of service professionals who use the latest technology to log and answer your queries. Our customer support center offers comprehensive telephone and email support tracking facilities.

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Application Support

CAPP Real Estate Management System: Full function and integrated Property Management solution.

CLAIMS MANAGER: Claims Manager is a fully integrated processing system designed to handle warranty claim entry, approvals, payment and chargebacks while maintaining a claim history of an item. Tracking of activities begins with the automatic creation of a SERIAL NUMBER MASTER in CLAIMS MANAGER. This record is created from the initial manufacturing order, or if the item is a purchased item, the record is created at the time of P.O. receiving. SUPPORT

SERVICE MANAGER: Service Manager is designed to support innovative software solutions for manufacturers and distributors across many industry segments. Backed by years of experience, our software applications provide the foundation for success at hundreds of companies worldwide. SUPPORT

QUALITY ASSURED: Quality Delivered As a specialized consultancy CAPP QA offers Quality Assurance management and expertise to firms enhancing their business through information technology. With broad experience and sub-specialized training, CAPP QA's team partners with executives to maintain project integrity and assess the true readiness and compliance of their software and/or applications. SUPPORT