30 Years of Success

For 30 years CAPP Associates has been in the business of delivering premier Enterprise Resource Planning Software and IT Infrastructure Solutions to small and medium sized businesses across North America. We have helped hundreds of our clients transform their information technology into strategic business tools. LEARN MORE

ERP Solutions

Specializing in Enterprise Resources Planning Solutions to distinct distribution industries including: Auto Jobbers and Distributors, Plumbing, Electrical and Electronics component industries, CAPP Associates is known for the simplicity we deliver around integrating and automating your IT systems and unifying your business processes. Each CAPP Associates Solution is feature rich, intuitive and easy to use. LEARN MORE

Data Centre Solutions

CAPP Associates offers you the complete Data Centre Optimization package. With expertise in server consolidation, virtualization, data storage and environmental monitoring solutions, a next generation, fully-optimized Data Centre will reduce your IT complexity, improve operational efficiencies, increase utilization rates and reduce downtime for your company. LEARN MORE.